reflections on mother-f#$%ing 2016


Where. to. start.

I am a reflector. I think it is all the years of social work education. Self-reflect, self-reflect, self-reflect. I like to look back at the good and the bad- learn from it, mourn, cry, smile, laugh, yell.

2016 has been a wild ride.

My heart was hurt. I learned so much about myself (cheesy, cliche- but ever so true).  I learned what I am willing to give up and what I am not willing to give up for love. I followed my heart and gut even when it hurt. And it did hurt.

I found love for new friends and grew stronger love for old friends.

I moved into a town home with one of my best friends and am loving it. Perhaps I will take this moment to say- Shay, I love being roommates with you. We get each other. I love when we come home, talk for a few minutes, make our own dinners at the same time in the kitchen, and then go be introverted alone in our rooms. I heart you so bad. I am really, really excited to see what 2017 has in store for you. P.S. SORRY for always leaving my clothes in the dryer. I have a problem.

I traveled internationally by myself for the first time in 2016. That trip is probably one of my fondest life memories, thus far. I can’t wait to travel alone again. If you know me, you know all I ever want to do is plan trips/travel–so stay tuned in 2017.

I had to watch my country elect someone I completely abhor to the highest office in the nation. That has been one of the hardest and shittiest parts of 2016- in large part because there’s no quick fix. We’ve got him for four years (or until the impeachment). I took some time to mourn and bitch, rightfully so. And now I am ready to enter 2017 and fight.

There have been so many “small” shitty facets of 2016 that it’s become a punch line in my friend group. Whenever something bad happens, we just go “2016 dude.” Flat tires, horrific dates, navigating health insurance when I turned the beautiful age of 26, Harambe, car transmission issues, sprained neck,  etc.

I really do love my life. And the people that are in it. I love my friends, my job, my family, and MY CAT. I’m thankful. My cup really does runneth over.

Yet, I am thrilled to say toodaloo 2016. See ya never again. You have been a shit show. I have some fond moments, too. But I truly am happy to see you go.

In with the new year.

Sending peace and love to all of you as we finish out this year and head into 2017. 






Me saluting 2016 goodbye:





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