to my fellow Clinton voters

Anyone that knows me well (or even in the slightest), knows that I am voting for Hillary Clinton. I don’t love Clinton. I was and am a Sander’s supporter and volunteered on his campaign. But because I am working hard to opt out of a homophobic, racist, xenophobic, white supremacist apocalypse, I am voting Clinton.

Ok. My intention in writing this post is not to convince anyone to vote for Clinton, though please do (hahaha…really).

I am writing this TO my fellow Clinton voters. This one is for you, fam.

I am writing to say that it is ok if you don’t comment on or engage with every Trump supporter you meet.

I know you are tired. I can LITERALLY feel the tension among my friends, co-workers, and even strangers. This election is different. I am very, very scared.

In the midst of the coming potential-trumpocalypse, your mental health still matters.

If you want to ignore politics for one night and eat some shitty food and drink wine, you can.

You and your mental health matter.

I woke up one day this week in tears because I am so sad that this election is what the U.S. has come to. This is not 2016- it can’t be. The headlines I am reading cannot be real. The hate I am reading, hearing, feeling—whoa. It is a lot to take in. And I am in the most privileged group of people in this country- white people. So I can’t begin to fathom how my friends of color, non-Christian friends, my LGBT friends–how all of you feel. I love you all.

Please know:

You are not mandated to engage with bigots. You are not letting down “the cause” if you ignore a Trump supporter. 

Some battles must simply be won at the polls.

Take it easy, fam. We are in this together.

Tonight, I am excited to go to a good friend’s Halloween party. My friend, Jess, (you are my super hero) had the amazingly bright idea of throwing a Halloween party AFTER Halloween to prolong the joy. Tonight, I’m going to spend time with friends, have some wine and hopefully candy, and practice self care. You should do the same. Go out, dance, have a drink, have a cupcake–do you. Your mental health matters, even in the midst of all of this–no ESPECIALLY in the midst of all of this.

I will see you all at the polls on Tuesday.

And on Tuesday night, I am going to be up all night with my best friends Ceci and Meaghan watching the results and eating ice cream.

Take it easy, fam. We are in this together. 









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