my new gig

“Teaching” English abroad made me realize how much I enjoy the process and journey. Seeing someone improve their language abilities and knowing you had a smshutterstock_73189624all part in that process is a really beautiful feeling.

I’ve decided to create a little “side business” teaching English. And by teaching English,  I mean speaking English with non-native speakers. In my years of working with ESL individuals, I have found that speaking English with native speakers is one of the most beneficial ways to improve one’s language proficiency. Of course someone needs to have a base level for me to be of any help; but once they have that base level, we can talk and talk and talk–and watch your skills grow.

I JUST created a profile on Fiverr to advertise my services. The beautiful thing about the internet: I can teach English to anyone, anywhere in the world. Isn’t that cool?

So if you know someone looking to improve their English language skills, please share my Fiverr link:! Or refer them to me directly and we can arrange a chat.

Also, if anyone is out there trying to learn a language OTHER than English, check out Fiverr! There are people from ALL OVER the world on there offering to teach Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, etc. #globalizationFTW

Peace and love my friends!





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