processing a trump victory

 Today is a day of mourning. I am so sad. Yesterday, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and sexism won. And the whole world is watching. This great nation has raised hate up on a pedestal, not only condoning it but supporting it.

Yesterday taught me that you can literally do anything you want if you have money.

How ironic that all Trump talked about was the system being rigged against him, a white male billionaire. And then…once again in US history the electoral college fucks us over. Hillary gets the popular vote and yet, the white lash prevails and Trump gets office.

I watched the election results roll in at two of my best friends home. They are a same sex couple. And as they lay on the ground grasping on to each other watching the election results, I began to silently cry. Will marriage equality be overturned? Will years of advocacy and social justice work be overturned? I just want to see my best friends get married. I want to move forward, not regress.

I wake up to headlines of the KKK being overjoyed with the election results. Let that sink in. There is NO arguing that Trump is not rooted in bigotry and hate. I am terrified of increasing hate crimes. Trump supporters- any blood shed is on your hands. The world is watching. Your character has been defined.

I read an article this morning where a Muslim young woman tweets that her mom asked her to stop wearing hijab when she saw the election results. Is this country not founded on religious freedom? Or are we just talking about religious freedom for Christians??

People had to wake up and explain to their children this morning that Trump won. I read about a child that is half Puerto Rican and she feared because of that Trump would deport her from the state in which she currently lives. Children are LITERALLY scared for their lives and for their families lives. This is the United States of America and the world is watching.

This election is a direct result of white people fearing losing their privileges. Fear of the “minorities” taking over, fear of immigration, fear of religious differences—fear of ANYTHING different than white hetero christianity.

Today is a day of mourning. I don’t want to organize, advocate, or fight. My soul is weak. I am tired. I feel very defeated.

But rest assured- the work continues. I am not giving up. My work at a multicultural and multi-faith center is more important NOW then ever. 

Today, I mourn. But tomorrow we get back up. We fight to defend and protect our LGBT friends, our Muslim friends, women, immigrants, people of color. We are not going anywhere. This is OUR country too. And our work is just beginning.

Today I mourn. Today I process how a man that has sexual assault cases in the double digits lined up against him, a man that mocked people with disabilities, a man that said “grab em by the pussy,” a man that was endorsed by the KKK, a man that doesn’t believe in climate change—has become the President Elect of the United States of America.

I am also so fucking frustrated with third party voters. This was not an election for you to get off on some moral high ground. If you are a person that voted third party, I need you to reflect deep and hard on that choice. You knew better. And you let us down.

I want to take a moment to speak directly to those that are feeling scared for their lives, their safety, and their well-being. I promise to fight for you. I promise to do everything I can to leverage my white privilege to protect and advocate for you. 

Today I mourn. But do not mistake my current defeated spirit for weakness. The fire is burning in my belly. And now more than ever my work as a community organizer and social justice advocate is critical.

Fellow social justice friends, our work is just beginning. Take today. Mourn. Grieve. Accept. And then tomorrow we get up, we eat breakfast, and we fight for everything we believe in.

I think Jessica Valenti said it best last night:

Tonight is what backlash looks like – to women’s rights, to racial progress, to a cultural shift that doesn’t center straight white men.

But to all the people despairing right now: Please know that you matter, your lives and health matter, I am with you.

No matter what happens, we keep fighting.

Peace and love, my friends. If you want to process all of this with me, leave a comment with your email and I will be in touch with you.




to my fellow Clinton voters

Anyone that knows me well (or even in the slightest), knows that I am voting for Hillary Clinton. I don’t love Clinton. I was and am a Sander’s supporter and volunteered on his campaign. But because I am working hard to opt out of a homophobic, racist, xenophobic, white supremacist apocalypse, I am voting Clinton.

Ok. My intention in writing this post is not to convince anyone to vote for Clinton, though please do (hahaha…really).

I am writing this TO my fellow Clinton voters. This one is for you, fam.

I am writing to say that it is ok if you don’t comment on or engage with every Trump supporter you meet.

I know you are tired. I can LITERALLY feel the tension among my friends, co-workers, and even strangers. This election is different. I am very, very scared.

In the midst of the coming potential-trumpocalypse, your mental health still matters.

If you want to ignore politics for one night and eat some shitty food and drink wine, you can.

You and your mental health matter.

I woke up one day this week in tears because I am so sad that this election is what the U.S. has come to. This is not 2016- it can’t be. The headlines I am reading cannot be real. The hate I am reading, hearing, feeling—whoa. It is a lot to take in. And I am in the most privileged group of people in this country- white people. So I can’t begin to fathom how my friends of color, non-Christian friends, my LGBT friends–how all of you feel. I love you all.

Please know:

You are not mandated to engage with bigots. You are not letting down “the cause” if you ignore a Trump supporter. 

Some battles must simply be won at the polls.

Take it easy, fam. We are in this together.

Tonight, I am excited to go to a good friend’s Halloween party. My friend, Jess, (you are my super hero) had the amazingly bright idea of throwing a Halloween party AFTER Halloween to prolong the joy. Tonight, I’m going to spend time with friends, have some wine and hopefully candy, and practice self care. You should do the same. Go out, dance, have a drink, have a cupcake–do you. Your mental health matters, even in the midst of all of this–no ESPECIALLY in the midst of all of this.

I will see you all at the polls on Tuesday.

And on Tuesday night, I am going to be up all night with my best friends Ceci and Meaghan watching the results and eating ice cream.

Take it easy, fam. We are in this together. 








my new gig

“Teaching” English abroad made me realize how much I enjoy the process and journey. Seeing someone improve their language abilities and knowing you had a smshutterstock_73189624all part in that process is a really beautiful feeling.

I’ve decided to create a little “side business” teaching English. And by teaching English,  I mean speaking English with non-native speakers. In my years of working with ESL individuals, I have found that speaking English with native speakers is one of the most beneficial ways to improve one’s language proficiency. Of course someone needs to have a base level for me to be of any help; but once they have that base level, we can talk and talk and talk–and watch your skills grow.

I JUST created a profile on Fiverr to advertise my services. The beautiful thing about the internet: I can teach English to anyone, anywhere in the world. Isn’t that cool?

So if you know someone looking to improve their English language skills, please share my Fiverr link:! Or refer them to me directly and we can arrange a chat.

Also, if anyone is out there trying to learn a language OTHER than English, check out Fiverr! There are people from ALL OVER the world on there offering to teach Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, etc. #globalizationFTW

Peace and love my friends!