Dear white America:

This morning I was informed about two flyers that were posted on the University of Michigan’s campus. Both were sponsored by “Alt-Right.” I had no idea until today who Alt-Right is (or at least didn’t know them by name)–but we will get there in a second.

I am not re-blogging or sharing the two flyers that were posted because I don’t think they deserve to be seen. You can easily google this yourself if you so wish. But for today- I pass on spreading their visual hate. The first flyer was a call to Euro-Americans to stop apologizing. “Be White” it read. And the second flyer was a text-heavy piece of why white women should not date black men for stated reasons like- your children will probably not be smart, you will probably be abused, you will probably get an STD, and so on.

Vomiting yet?

Ok, so before I rant about both of these pieces, let me explain what the internet has to say about Alt-Right, the group responsible for this.

I am going to quote from Wikipedia and if that bothers you- be gone.

The alt-right is a segment of right-wing ideologies presented as an alternative to mainstream conservatism in the United States.[1][2] It has been described as a movement unified by support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump,[3][4] as well as by opposition to multiculturalism and immigration.[2][5]

The alt-right has no official ideology, although various sources have said that it is associated with white nationalism,[1][2][6]white supremacism,[3][7][8]antisemitism,[1][2][9]antifeminism,[1]right-wing populism,[6]nativism,[10] and the neoreactionary movement.[7][11]

It has been said to be a largely online movement with Internet memes widely used to advance or express its beliefs


Ok. So Alt-Right seems new–in terms of the organization/group (obviously racism isn’t new)?? From what I can tell, it seems to be a group of people using primarily the internet and social media to support white supremacy and Donald Trump for president of the United States.


Brief side note that I will not expand on right now: The stated goals of the KKK: “to shield the sanctity of the home and the chastity of womanhood; to maintain white supremacy; to teach and faithfully inculcate a high spiritual philosophy through an exalted ritualism; and by a practical devotedness to conserve, protect and maintain the distinctive institutions, rights, privileges, principles and ideals of a pure Americanism.”  Hmmm, sound familiar? 

Ok, so now that we have a brief, general understanding of who Alt-Right is, let’s regress back to their flyers posted on campus at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

The first one again calling for Euro-Americans to stop apologizing (for being white) and just “Be White.” Ok. I am working hard to keep my thoughts concise- so bear with me as I just use bullets to formulate what is going on inside my head.

  • I have never been asked to apologize for being white. Ever. Not in my entire existence. I will say- back in undergrad when my white privilege cherry was popped at 19 (SO LATE I KNOW), I had a hard time dealing with extreme white guilt. Learning about what white people have done- where the fuck to even begin? Colonization? Attempted genocide against this land’s indigenous? Building this country on the back of black slaves? The continued systemic racism of people of color? Police brutality? I will admit- it was a lot to swallow. And it was in a social work class at Michigan State that I was put in my place. My professor asked for reactions to a reading about white privilege and I said, “I just feel so shitty.” And she responded, “I get that. But it is very, very critical that you move forward and past that. Do not choke on white guilt. Use your white privilege for good, use it for social justice.” And that really settled with me. White America, no one is asking you to apologize for being white. We get it- YOU did not personally own slaves (I fucking hope not). But you still benefit in COUNTLESS ways for being white (go read this–I know, I always reference this. Too good not to). I am not asking you to apologize for being white. I am asking you to use your privilege for good.
  • Put down your confederate flag, jackass, and stop bullshitting me about “white culture.” I am white. My entire family is white. We celebrate our ancestry in many ways. Every St. Patrick’s Day my mom makes Rubens because we are Irish. But never ever was I taught to celebrate a holiday or tradition because I am “white.” So why are we all freaking out about this now? Why are we ranting about “white culture?” For the love of God stop saying that white people are trying to be erased. Public schools can’t even get a multi-cultural curriculum approved because GOD FORBID we learn about someone other than white people. White culture? What is history class—where we so often glorify white men for horrific atrocities framed in a positive way?? (P.S. Read: Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen!!). When I worked at MSU’s student government office during undergrad, I got an email from a gentleman demanding to know why there was a women’s studies class but not a men’s studies class. LMFAO. WHAT IS EVERY FUCKING CLASS WE HAVE IN GRADE SCHOOL??
  • White America, stop freaking the fuck out when people of color demand equality and justice. If all lives really mattered, then don’t black lives matter? Why do we freak out when a man of color takes a knee at a fucking sports game but not when one is shot and murdered by a police officer? Why do we get so defensive and so qucik to find excuses to justify the murder of people of color? What if we really opened our minds and shifted the racist lens we are looking through? Are you willing to do that? If not, can you go away–far, far away? And take Trump and all of his supporters with you? xoxo


Ok, and honestly– I just don’t know what the actual fuck to say about the second flyer that lists actually idiotic and racist bullshit about why white women should not date black men. First, there are no sources. There is no proof. What a surprise!

Let me say this: if you are someone that wants to live in a white country, with all white politicians, and all white children, and all white schools, and all white churches- go start your own little nation somewhere else. Perhaps you should not have come to a land that was already thriving with diverse, indigenous peoples (which you slaughtered so many of and continue to oppress)? Make America Great Again? Make America white again? “America” was not white to begin with, fools.

If you are someone that is terrified or perhaps worse-disgusted- by multiculturalism, you are not someone I can or want to be friends with. You go against everything I stand for as a human being. And I am pretty sure you go against the values and morals of every religion/spiritual teaching I am aware of.

Chew on all of this as you watch the first presidential debate tonight. Think about all of this critically as you decide who you will vote for for the president of the United States.

I could really just keep ranting and rambling about this one but am reigning myself in so maybe it makes a sliver of sense to someone besides myself.

Spread love. Fight for justice. If you have privilege, use it for good. Open your mind. Open your heart. And if you can’t do any (or all) of these things, please don’t ever talk to me.

Peace and love my friends.




smash the patriarchy



Growing up, my dad had a strict rule that me and my sister were not allowed to cut our hair short. Sometimes he would even accompany us to the hair salon and speak to the stylist himself; everyone thought it was so cute. “What a silly dad! So cute.”

I forget exactly how old she was when she did this- but one time, my little sister, Jenna, went to the hair salon (my dad was obviously not here this time) and walked back by herself. When she came out, her hair was chopped to her chin. My sister is such a little badass- smashing the patriarchy since she was a bebe. My dad was LIVID. He kept saying he could sue the salon; I don’t think he ever actually would, but that is beside the point.

My reason for sharing all of this: from a young age I observed men’s control over women.

I have gone out on dates with men who were quick to share what they think about women and what they deem their physical appearance should be.

Real life comments I have heard in the not so distant past on dates:

“Women should never have short hair. It’s never as good looking as long hair.”

“Women with acrylic nails are disgusting.”

“I hate when women wear eyeliner. It’s so tacky.”

“I hate when women wear leggings as if they were pants.” PS: literally was wearing leggings on this date. LOLOLOL.

Let me note: it is one thing to have preferences and characteristics that you are attracted to- I have those too. I do think, however, it is important to critically think about why you might have those preferences. Because the media glorifies them? Because men have taught you to? Because women have taught you to? Why?

Also- there is a difference in having preferences and having expectations for all women. Note to all men: women don’t actually give a fuck about what you want us to look like. And if they do- it is likely because our patriarchal society has taught them to care. And I will work my whole life to smash that patriarchy and undo the years of societal bullshit we have been taught.

A man I was in a relationship with years ago would get very angry and hostile towards me if I wore clothing that “showed off” my ass. How could I do that to him?? Why was I so needy for attention? -_- Surprise, surprise- I am actually dressing for ME.

When I choose what clothes I am going to wear, if I want to wear makeup that day, how I want to do my hair- it is for me. I choose to present myself in a way that makes ME feel good. (P.S. 99% of the time that means I am in clothing that makes me feel very comfortable).

It might be a harsh reality to swallow, men- but your opinions really do not matter. You have no power over women. I won’t tell you what to wear in the morning and you won’t tell me. You can tell me you think I am beautiful if you like- but my understanding of beauty and my self-love does not root in that. I do not care what you think of me. For years I let your opinions control me & define me. I starved myself, spent hours picking out clothes, doing my hair, and buying all the best makeup- for what? Some patriarchal bullshit?

I don’t care anymore.

I love me. I love me with natural hair, no makeup, and sweats. I love me with bright red lipstick, a little black dress, and a manicure.

I. Love. Me.

And that self-love does not waiver according to your thoughts/views/opinions/desires.

Radical self-love is a revolution, ladies and gentleman. 





P.S. Holla to all the men that are out there and just doing their own thang and not shoving beauty ideals down women’s throats. You know who you are and I love you. Keep using your male privilege for good.