When Ignorance Perpetuates Oppression

I cannot stop thinking about the massacre in Orlando. I am so sad. My heart is so sad. I keep thinking about how it could have so easily been someone I love and cherish. Life is so precious. I want to hug and hold everyone I care about and protect them all from the evil in this world.

As I continue to cry and mourn the loss of people I have never met yet, I am watching ignorance and oppression unfold on social media and in the news. And I feel a responsibility to write something here in memory of those lost, in solidarity with my Muslim brothers and sisters, and in support of my LGBTQ loved ones.

It is not the responsibility of a marginalized group to educate the majority. It is also not my responsibility to engage with every or ANY bigot that reads or comments on this blog. I am not writing this to argue or fight. I am writing this to educate and promote peace and love. Read if you wish. Be nasty and hateful and I will delete and block you, it’s that simple.

I find it exhausting to have these discussions. Yet it is so damn important. It is easier for me to write than it is to have a conversation because often my emotions get in the way and I either curse or cry.

So if you are reading this, I pray you have an open mind and a desire for peace. I hope you choose to use your life as a way to love others.

This post is written in a stream-of-consciousness format and really just covers some main points I want to put out into the universe.

  • What happened in Orlando is a hate-crime. It is a horrific reflection of the homophobia that exists in our world. It is a cry for not only tolerance but peace and inclusion of differences.
  • What happened in Orlando is a CRY for stronger gun control. I don’t feel like sitting here and arguing with you about this. So I am letting someone else who has already articulated my exact feelings educate you here. ATTN CONGRESS: I don’t want your prayers. I want some fucking policy change.
  • There was no surprise when Trump came into the spotlight reinforcing his ban on Muslim migration. And it makes NO SENSE. The islamophobia and division this is creating is exactly what ISIS wants. First and foremost, the shooter in Orlando was an AMERICAN! He was not someone who had just come to the US. He was the son of immigrants. So are we going to go door to door demanding to know religious affiliation? And then boot people out that don’t fit our preferred demographic? What even is religious freedom?
  • It is frustrating to me that we all love to talk about Islam and how “violent” it is without knowing the implications of our speech and the ignorance it is based upon . I am not a Muslim. But AGAIN- I do not see it to be the responsibility of this group to educate US about how they are not evil. I am so so sick of feeling the urge to post shit that shows how Muslims are good people. I cannot imagine how shitty it must feel to constantly have this pressure on you to prove your morale and that you are not a terrorist. So what- we assume terrorists unless proven otherwise? For those of you that like to cherry-pick the Quran (and yet opt not to do so with the Bible): I encourage you to check this out: it is a thorough dissection of some of the most misinterpreted verses of the Quran that are used to perpetuate the misnomer that Islam promotes violence/terrorism.


In this moment you can choose to love. You can choose to open your mind. You do not have to agree with someone else’s beliefs; I would never ask that of anyone. But you should try to understand them. And you should respect them. Make friends with a Muslim or member of the LGBTQ community if you haven’t- or simply anyone who is DIFFERENT than you. Compare beliefs. Learn from one another. And promote peace and understanding.

At this moment in time it would be easy to pit Muslims against the LGBTQ community. Don’t do it. Please. Instead, let us learn to love one another and celebrate our differences.

That’s really all I have. I am so sad and exhausted from all of this. The world can be such a dark place. Hug your loved ones. Be thankful for life. And choose love, friends.



Choose love.




One thought on “When Ignorance Perpetuates Oppression

  1. I love your post!!!This speaks my mind too. It constantly reminds of the good Muslim friends I have around me, and I’m sure they suffer much more than I could imagine.


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