I am doing my favorite thing in the world for the next two weeks: TRAVELLING.

I will be heading to Alaska, Oregon, and Washington until the end of October with my handsome BF.

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I most likely will not be posting while I am gone, so don’t miss me too much.




Happy Birthday, Mom!

happy birthday mom

She’s smart, beautiful, and weird.

She rocked me to sleep, kissed my boo boos, gave me my bootylicious ass, and taught me to not take shit.

She raised me on rock n roll.

She gave me my love of peanut butter.

She let me be the messy, sloppy kid I always was and have been.

She put notes on the napkins in my lunch; most of which I have saved to this day.

One time she drew the entire skeletal system on a paper lunch bag so that I could study it for my biology exam.

She is my biggest advocate, cheerleader, and friend.

She’s the one that asks me not to pay for a manicure; instead she says- come over to mom’s house and let me do your nails and then I can spend time with you.

She has listened to me cry, wiped up my barf (remember that time i puked out the car window on the highway, mom? sorry. and thanks), and dealt with my horrific teen years.

I think of all the times I was younger and yelled, “I hate you” or “you’re ruining my life,” to my mom.

I’m sorry mom.

I love you so much.

Happy Birthday, you sexy thang. I hope I age as gracefully and beautifully as you.

A million swedish fish,


Change the Name


I don’t think [the team] should change it. But again, I don’t think politicians ought to have any say in that to be honest with you. I don’t find it offensive. Native American tribes generally don’t find it offensive.”

Jeb Bush, 2016 Presidential Candidate, referring to the Washington Redskins.

Well, there’s that for your daily dose of ignorance. Although it seems obvious to me why sports teams should not use Native peoples’ images as their mascots, I want to provide some background. So that our ignorant friends like Jeb can get the damn picture.

I read an article written by Baxter Holmes in June of 2014 recently in which he perfectly illustrates why it is not ok, and furthermore is problematic, that teams like the Washington Redskins will not change their name and mascot.

Holmes refers to himself as a proud Native American of Cherokee and Choctaw lineage. He explains what the historical meaning of the term “redskin” is here:

The story in my family goes that the term dates back to the institutionalized genocide of Native Americans, most notably when the Massachusetts colonial government placed a bounty on their heads. The grisly particulars of that genocide are listed in a 1755 document called the Phips Proclamation, which zeroed in on the Penobscot Indians, a tribe today based in Maine.

Spencer Phips, a British politician and then Lieutenant Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Province, issued the call, ordering on behalf of British King George II for, “His Majesty’s subjects to Embrace all opportunities of pursuing, captivating, killing and Destroying all and every of the aforesaid Indians.” They paid well – 50 pounds for adult male scalps; 25 for adult female scalps; and 20 for scalps of boys and girls under age 12.

These bloody scalps were known as ‘redskins.’ “

Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, refuses to change the name. He’s actually referred to their team name as a “badge of honor” and stated that “we’ll never change the name. it’s as simple as that.”

Mr. Holmes concludes strongly in his article,

The team has had the Redskins name since 1933, when it was based in Boston, so it’s easy to say, “We’ve always done it this way.” But if America “always did it this way,” then terms like “Wetback,” “Negro,” and its much uglier cousin would still be a part of our lexicon. We learn.

Ahhh, yes. He is right. We learn. We should apologize (Did you know the United States government has NEVER apologized formally to Native People for the way in which they were treated?! WHAT DA FUQ). And we change. We grow.

So, Jeb Bush and Dan Snyder…grow the f*ck up and stop being ignorant assholes. You, your white privilege, and ignorance repulse me.

Peace and love friends,


Self-Care Sunday


One thing that was told to me over and over again by my professors and advisers during my social work education was “practice self-care!” I always thought it was kind of an ironic thing for them to say as they preceded to assign 400 pages of reading and then additional “recommended readings.” LOL, quit playing.

But really- I have learned the value of self-care. It has been a struggle and I think it constantly will be. I think women in particular are socialized to think that taking time for themselves is selfish. Even as progressive as our society likes to think it is, women are still the majority caretakers and often neglect to practice self-care.

I know that if I don’t take a little time for myself each week, I go crazy and start becoming a grumpy betch.

Self-care can come in a variety of forms. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. guacamole
  2. extra sleep…naps…omg i love naps
  3. a movie, scandal episode, or south park episode (thanks for getting me hooked, Shane)
  4. wine
  5. diet coke
  6. a manicure…one of my cherished self-care practices
  7. a pedicure…whoa there killer..can get expensive
  8. shopping
  9. time with the girls

Honestly, there is no right or wrong way to practice self-care. It is up to you to decide what works. I have a friend that recently told me that every Sunday is her “spa day” and she gives herself a facial, hair mask, etc. I love it.

Also, sometimes I think I take self-care too far. But then I am like-



This week- I did a little shopping at Old Navy (OMG ALL THE FALL CLOTHES Y’ALL) and am getting a MASSAGE. I usually don’t splurge that much. But heyyyyya!